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Providing the highest quality water to your family and home is our first priority! Cornerstone Home Builders provides high-quality water treatment services to your neighbors and friends, and we can help you, too.

Our factory-trained staff is ready to assess your current water needs and recommend the best products to get the water you deserve. We proudly carry models manufactured by Hague Quality Water International in Ohio. Their unique designs and technology mean you get a system you can trust to protect your home for many years to come. Plus, all of their models are made in the U.S.A.

Live the life of luxury with the best water possible! Here are just a few improvements you will experience with having purified water in your home.

  • Great tasting tap water you can trust

    Great tasting tap water you can trust

  • More efficient water-using appliances

    More efficient water-using appliances

  • Keeps Laundry Lke New

    Cleaner sinks, faucets, and showers

  • Keeps Laundry Lke New

    Laundry stays bright and soft

  • Keeps Laundry Lke New

    Silky, hydrated skin and hair

  • Save money on soaps and detergents

    Save money on soaps and detergents

Let [company_name] help answer some common questions you may have about water treatment systems.

Bottled water is the most convenient and best quality water available.
Bottled water is the most convenient and best quality water available.
Buying bottled water can get expensive and requires frequent trips to the store. Some brands are packing water that isn't even filtered. You can have a filtered installed that is certified to purify your water better than most retail products and it'll cost you 240 times less per gallon.
A water softener or filter costs too much.
A water softener or filter costs too much.
Your investment will actually SAVE you money! Whether it's no longer needing to buy bottled water because you now have filtered water at home or not needing to replace your water heater sooner than expected, you can save money on everything your water touches.
Soft water tastes salty.
Soft water tastes salty.
Most water softeners do release sodium into your water as part of the water treatment process, but the amount is usually less that what is found in a single pickle! We can add a tap water filter to help remove any sodium from the water you drink if you have any concerns about the sodium content of your water.
Bathing in soft water makes it hard to rinse the soap away.
Bathing in soft water makes it hard to rinse the soap away.
Soft water will feel different if you're used to living with very hard water, but the truth is that it actually rinses soap away better. Hard water bonds with shampoo and soap to form soap scum that sticks to your hair and skin. This layer of grime prohibits your skin's natural oils. With soft water, there is not sticky film left behind. The silky sensation on your body is what having naturally moisturized skin feels like.

Invest in a better life with our line of water treatment products! Here's are a few ways great water can help you save.

  • check markSave on costly repairs or replacements of dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, coffee makers, and other appliances

  • check markNever buy expensive bottled water again

  • check markClothes, bedding, towels, and laundry stay like-new for longer

  • check markBuy up to 75% less cleaning supplies every year

  • check markSpend less on lotions, detanglers, body scrubs, shampoo, conditioner and other moisturizing products

  • check markLower bills by saving up to 30% on the energy used by your water heater

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Our experts live, work, and shop at the same places you do. We know this community, we know the water, and what it takes to make it excellent!

Check out how we have been able to help the friends and neighbors in your neck of the woods.

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